Eugene Uman

Other Ensembles

Colombian Ensemble

When we lived in Colombia in 2006 I formed a group with seven tremendous musicians – all of them were under 25! Check out the alto player, his name is Juan Fernando “Guapito” Giraldo. Below you can hear a song I wrote for a good friend who passed, Ken LaRoche. Shortly after his death, many of his friends had illuminating dreams and visions. He communicated this to one: ”I am a field of energy that glories in the freedom of other dimensions.” This piece is called “Ken the Energy Field,” I think Ken helped me write it.

Ed Byrne projects

Two Latin music projects spear-headed by trombone legend Ed Byrne.

Latin Jazz Evolution: A Sextet that performs Byrne’s original quirky, rhythmically complex compositions. Includes trombone, saxophone, piano, bass, drums, congas

Charanga Libre: A Latin nonet that performs arrangements of Fania All-stars, Eddie Palmieri, Naty y su Changa, Larry Harlow, Sonora Poncena, Ismael Miranda and others. Includes trombone, flute, two violins, piano, bass, timbales, congas and bongo.

Pianist Composer Educator